How Things Work

Understanding Bills

In-depth understanding of your energy bills and analyzing

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LED/Smart Switch

We understand that before discussing Solar - if we can reduce the energy consumption with LED or smart switches

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Not just Solar - Designing a business plan and methods of reduction in power consumption

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Consulting and presenting a complete solution, wherein we aim for "NO COST" solution wherein you save from DAY 1

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Sustainability Options

Option 1 - Buy Out

Cash is simple. If you have some cash to invest in Solar panels – it will give you the best of the returns in the market. The steps are as easy as it gets.

  1. A small down payment / deposit paid towards the system, which depends on the system size you wish to install

  2. Balance payment made after the installation is completed

  3. Paperwork is submitted to your energy distributor


Option 2 - Rent To Own

This is most suitable to business owners who are on a 5+ years lease at the premises. Anyone paying more than $250 per month would need a system which can save on their energy bills at the same time be building an asset for the business.

  1. The landlord/tenant leases the solar panels and components.

  2. The landlord/tenant pays fixed monthly lease payments for the duration of the lease term, usually 5 years.

  3. The solar energy bill is 100% tax deductible.


Option 3 - Power


Purchase Agreement

The model is most suited for premises owners as they can decide on putting the system for all their tenants and use this to theirs benefit additionally increasing the value of the property.

  1. The landlord/tenant neither owns nor leases the solar system.

  2. We install and own system on the roof and sells the landlord/tenant the electricity it produces at an agreed upon amount.

  3. Depending on the agreement, the landlord/tenant pays for only the electricity the system produces and not any fixed monthly amount.

  4. PPA contracts usually last 07-10 years. The maintenance of the system is done by the company at no extra cost.

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